Thursday, August 29, 2013

One for you, Borepatch...

I'll admit it--I am whatever the heck you call country music's version of a hipster. I don't just enjoy dirt music because it's measurably better than the shit on the radio--although it really, really is--I enjoy it for the near guarantee no one else is going to be listening to the same stuff. And on the rare occasion someone does know of whom I'm speaking, there is an immediate sense of kinship. You too know the joys of a Canadian singing Western swing
My biggest sin is an ongoing sense of superiority. I'll admit it was in full force this evening on the way to pick Erik up from work. In a city full of people listening to one of three radio stations playing decades-old rock music, I was listening to something new and different.
This song--which is one of those certain to make you a little happier--reminded me of Borepatch's new hobby:

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Borepatch said...

Zum Schie├čen!

Great song - makes me want to country swing ...

And more of the intersection of all things German and country music: Who said it, Adolf Hitler or Taylor Swift?