Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Just in case you need a blood pressure spike

(Low blood pressure is a serious medical condition, after all.)

One of the mamas in my due date club--a lady who has had more than her share of troubles--told us earlier this week that her uncle had been seriously injured in a hit-and-run.  He was on his moped going to the store and someone ran him off the road.  He died at the hospital that same day.

Yesterday, she posted this news story.  It is much, much worse than it seemed to begin with:

One person is under arrest after Kershaw County Sheriff Jim Matthews says the suspect killed a man, stole his moped, and sold it to buy crack cocaine.
Matthews says Alan Thomas Robinson, 67, was ran over by two men in a truck while he was driving the moped on Freeman Road Monday afternoon. 

Investigators say 32-year-old Willie Thomas Starnes and an unidentified accomplice loaded the moped into the back of the truck and drove off without helping Robinson.
 So, this fucker ran over a dude twice his age--a dude who, mind you, was in very poor health and about to start dialysis, so they absolutely could have taken his moped without killing him.  They just jumped straight to murder, because why the fuck not.

See, my friend's uncle wasn't the first person this guy had killed:

Starnes served 10 years in prison for assault and battery with intent to kill. In that incident, Starnes and an accomplice robbed and assaulted an elderly woman who died from her injuries.
 You know, I'll be honest.  I go back and forth on the death penalty.  As a Christian, I don't think it's tenable.  However, when I see things like this, when I see a man killed because a murderer only served a decade in prison for killing another elderly person and quite plainly made the decision that the punishment is worth risking, I go back the other way.  This man needs to be wiped from the planet, and the people who sentenced him to only ten years need to be made very aware of the fact that their decision led to another death.


Jennifer said...

I am so with you here.

Wraith said...

The death penalty is not only condoned--nay, encouraged--in Scripture, but it can have unexpected benefits.

As Christians, we don't want ANYONE to go to Hell. Every soul that winds up there is another victory for Satan. And yes, I know God wins in the end, but I still want to deny Satan every triumph I can, because, well, screw that guy.

So, we all know we're going to die. But it's 'over there' someplace. We don't really want to think about it, not seriously. If you lock a guy up for life, eventually that life will come to an end, whether by natural causes or a shanking on the yard. In these cases, it's unexpected and without warning. If the decedent hasn't repented of his evil, he's on the express elevator to the Bad Place.

Now, consider the death penalty. "Alright, three days, we're going to shove that needle into you, and there's gonna be one less scumbag in the world. Enjoy your last breaths, sucker."

You can't ignore that. It's right up in your face. You KNOW that your time is limited. This state gives rise to a certain introspection that otherwise would probably not occur. It's the ultimate "REPENT NOW!!!" And, upon reflection and repentance, Satan is denied another soul.

Ann Barnhardt did a stunning piece on this very concept on her old blog...I hope she reposts it on the new one.