Saturday, June 15, 2013

I really should have expected this...

I was listening to KKYX, the local classic country station, yesterday on my way to the grocery store when they played "Friends in Low Places."

Y'all, I have never punched the button to get away from KKYX faster in my life, not even to avoid the Statler Brothers.

I guess it is inevitable, since that song came out in 1990 and that means it's 23 years old. And it's not the only Garth Brooks song they play on there. They are beginning to let the '90s intrude.

But dammit, I was listening to KKYX back in the '90s to get away from Garth Brooks.

I am not certain this is a truly organic change, either.  Before KBUC came back on the air playing stuff from the '70s to the early '00s (though they claim to stop a full ten years earlier), KKYX was not playing crappy early '90s songs.  I'm not sure why KKYX thinks they have to compete with a radio station that only sort of plays the same stuff.  Most of us who listen to that station are incredibly loyal, and we listen to it because it plays classic country.  Mere age isn't enough to be classic; it really needs to be good too.  I'm not totally opposed to '90s music on the station, but if they're going to bring it in they really ought to stick with the neotraditionalists like Alan Jackson, not merely throw all the hat acts at the wall to see who sticks.

Me, I'd be happiest if they added back in the music from the '50s and '60s I seem to remember them playing when I was a little girl, but I may be in the minority there.

But they need to remember their brand and stay true to it.  The only time I don't listen to KKYX is when they're broadcasting Missions games...or playing shitty Garth Brooks tunes.


Dave said...

Try K-BUC on 92.5. I've been pretty happy with some of the old classics they play. There are some selections that seem a little "new" to be classics yet, but I haven't heard a lot of Garth yet.

Anonymous said...

We actually listen to K-BUC a lot. It's pretty good, even with that newer music.

Borepatch said...

I don't listen to country radio here in Atlanta. It's all pop. Garth would be an upgrade.

I'm afraid that Austin kind of spoiled country radio for me. Getting used to the good stuff made it hard to go back to the bad stuff.

Anonymous said...

Shoulda made FOB Borepatch into Camp Borepatch, eh? ;-)