Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I can do slacktivism better than you

Woke up this morning to most of my friends having this for their profile picture:
When it comes to slacktivism, changing your profile picture to this in order to indicate your support for marriage equality is almost as stupid as the sooper seekrit breast cancer awareness memes.  Are you really spreading awareness when no one knows what the hell you're doing?  It's not exactly obvious, y'know.  Red is used to represent so many things, from heart disease to AIDS to cesarean section awareness.  Even though I knew this was coming, it temporarily confused me.  I did see lots of people asking about it, so maybe it's good to stir up conversation.

Anyhow, in addition to this I kept seeing pictures floating around carrying quotes from the President and from Hillary Clinton, supporting gay marriage.  Being in kind of a punchy mood, I decided to point out that the issue isn't--and shouldn't be--owned by Democrats, so I made these pretty quickly and threw them up:

 Have I mentioned lately how much I love Neal Boortz?

Actually, this is me playing nice.  If I wasn't, I'd have posted this:
Make no mistake, Obama's position on the issue is pure political theater.  He will tell different groups different things, and if they notice, Democrats excuse it as political expediency.  (Hey, they believe he overturned DADT!)

As I've noted in this space before (too lazy tonight to link it), Dick Cheney supported gay marriage before Barack Obama did, and his support of the issue has been unchanged.

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Borepatch said...

Err, how about:

Hey all you slacktivists - get a job!

Me, I'm a h8tr. But h8trs gotta h8 ...

P.S. Neal Boortz is the shiznit.