Sunday, March 24, 2013

Arguing with Liberals Bingo

All thanks/blame goes to Larry Correia. (Dude, I need to pick an argument with him on Facebook so I can get some free publicity.  Just as soon as I have something to promote.)

Yes, I'm sure this exists elsewhere, but I came up with mine using only the linked Correia blog post as a reference.  And yes, I'm sure one could be made for conservatives as well, but I'll leave that up to a liberal.

Fun fact: ad hominem attack was one of the original squares, but then I realized that covers like 90% of the arguments I constantly encounter, so I left it off.  Chances are you could make a whole series of these things.  "Outright Lies" didn't make it on there, nor did "Making Shit Up".  There was one other I took off, but I don't recall what it was offhand.

(I used Comic Sans on purpose, by the way. The intelligentsia loathes Comic Sans, and as noted in the linked post, the creative class leans Left.)

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Windy Wilson said...

You left off Markley's Law, which is to declare that your opponent's position is adopted solely to compensate for some sexual shortcoming.

Leftists have such a fascination with my genitalia and my loss of the same, that it is absolutely terrifying.