Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday Song--See, he's really much better than that

It occurred to me belatedly that Aaron Watson isn't exactly the best-known singer out there, unless you're already into Texas country music. Sometimes I forget how many of y'all are still stuck with access to little but Nashville's trash. Without the proper background, it could be hard to recognize Friday's song as a spoof, quote aside.

So today I bring you regular Aaron Watson.  The Aaron Watson with a fiddle and pedal steel (which is how you know he's not from Nashville--I don't think anyone there these days would recognize a pedal steel if they tripped over it).

Two songs, neither of them particularly new.  First one, "San Angelo".  I've said before, and will again, that country music's strong point is how well it does slow, sad songs.  This is a great example of that, a traditional lost love song somehow made a little better by who's singing it:

Next, a faster song.  Had to do a little digging around, not because he's got so few but just because it's a bitch to find a decent live cut of anything on YouTube (I actually couldn't go with my first choice here because of that).  This song is called "Reckless", and while the subject matter isn't exactly Earth-shattering or original, again he manages to make it something better than it otherwise would be, and I love the instrumentation on this one:

Now if you will excuse me, I'm back to YouTube to find more music for Marie before she beats me up. She was not happy with me when this song ended and I didn't immediately play her another one.

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