Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I always have very weird dreams at the tail end of pregnancy.  I'll go through nearly an entire gestation with pretty run-of-the-mill nightmares (zombies, lots of zombies), and then in the last month or so switch over to dreams about the birth and baby.  Usually, these are of the giving-birth-to-kittens variety.  I haven't actually had a lot of those this time around, so last night's merits saving (that, and, well, I need to post about something):

So there I was (in the dream, of course) sound asleep and I woke up and realized something odd: there was a baby on my stomach.

Apparently, I had given birth while sound asleep and partially dressed the baby: a felt sleeper and one shoe.  No diaper.  Even with dream-logic, this struck me as off.

Well, I woke up the hubby and pointed out the fact that we had another small child.  Then, this being 2012, said "Give me your phone so I can tell Facebook!"  There was the requisite looking-over and at some point it occurred to me that I had no clue whether I'd had a boy or a girl.  I checked, which prompted another dream status update, this time HOUSTON, WE HAVE A PENIS.  (Hey, I was asleep.  Cut me some slack.)  It was also when we discovered little _______ had pooped.  So I cleaned him up--but for some reason still didn't put on a diaper--and we started doing that cuddle and coo over the newborn thing.

At some point, I figured I really should take the baby to the hospital to get checked over.  You know that dream thing where your clothes suddenly disappear?  This happened here, only it was the baby's clothes that disappeared, so suddenly I was carrying him up a hill to the hospital wrapped in nothing but a thin, small blanket a nurse had given me.

Once we got to the hospital we started getting the runaround about where to go--for some reason being sent first to the NICU, then the 'step-up' nursery, then labor and delivery.  I woke up trying to get someone to acknowledge me at a registration window.

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