Saturday, September 29, 2012

This really shouldn't surprise me

And it doesn't, really, because I do not expect anything approaching critical thinking skills from the anti-gun crowd.  Still, it's reaching even further than I'm used to:

Still not convinced that arming students is risky? Consider this: In New York City this summer, when police shot and killed a gunman on the street near the Empire State Building, they also wounded nine innocent bystanders. Imagine what might happen with armed amateurs firing away in a darkened theater, or a barroom brawl.
From this OpEd in USA Today. (The rest is the usual herp-derp blood in the streets wild wild West nonsense.)

But the whole "police officers are incompetent ergo so must everyone else be" bit, that's new and somewhat clever.  The paper's editorial board is obviously aware that every other bit of anti-gun nonsense they spew on a regular basis has been exposed as just that, so they're throwing something else at the wall to see if it sticks. 

Of course, it won't, because only idiots think the NYPD is well-trained as a whole.  The rest of us? Well, the name Amadou Diallo still means something.

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peter said...

It's probably a moot point anyway. If you know that several people in a crowded theater are packing you're not as likely to start shooting in there.