Saturday, September 08, 2012

An Imagined Conversation

Shamelessly stolen from AlanDP.

Scene: Same as before.

Boss: In conclusion, fuck all those people who want to get onto Basse.

Jenkins: OK, we got 281/1604 figured out.  Next on the agenda...the 410/I-35N interchange.

Boss: What about it?

Jenkins: Well, boss, according to several estimates, this is actually the most congested interchange in the city, far surpassing the problems at 281 and 1604.

Boss: So?

Jenkins: There's a wreck in that area pretty much every single day.  It's a horrific bottleneck.   The congestion on I-35 starts way down by Fort Sam.  It can take 90 minutes in rush hour to make what's normally a seven minute trip.

Boss: Are any of those people trying to get to Stone Oak or Shavano Park?

Jenkins:  Well, no...

Boss: Then fuck 'em. 

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