Friday, May 25, 2012

No one asked, but...

Cassie England needs some help.

The gist of the story is this.  Cassie, who is I think 15, has epidermolysis bullosa.  I don't recall which subtype offhand, but it is very serious, and Cassie is going to die from it.

Now, think about that for a minute.  Think about being a teenager and having hobbies and dreams and all the normal teenager stuff, and having to realize you aren't going to live long enough to do all the things you want to.  Remember how we were all bulletproof when we were teens?  Cassie knows she isn't. 

And it's not going to be any easier for Logan.  He knows that he will face the worst nightmare of any parent--outliving your kid.  My brain just runs away screaming from too-close contemplation of that.

But that's in the future.  For now she is, thank God, still alive.  And she has needs that aren't being met very well, and wants that aren't being met at all.  Caring for Cassie (and her adopted brother, who has another form of EB) is Logan's full time job, so they don't exactly have wiggle room in the budget.

All that leads up to this.  Logan has finally set up a donation account for Cassie at Chase Bank.  Y'all know I do not make a habit of soliciting donations.  I've never asked for money for anything before, and I don't think I will do so again.  This time?  Yeah, I'm going to ask you to skip a meal out one time and send the money here instead:

Chase Bank C/O Robyn Richards
RE: Cassandra England
8751 Siegen Lane
Baton Rouge, LA 70810

(You can also donate at any Chase branch.)

There's no contest here.  No reward.  It's just something to do to help lessen Logan's burden a little bit and hopefully help him buy Cassie things that will make her journey a little easier and a little happier. 

There's more info here: Team Cassie Facebook Page.

(By the way, I have no idea of Logan's politics, nor do I care.  Not everything is partisan, okay?)

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