Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Apparently, I am not a woman

Because apparently women are fucking idiots:

Really?  Pushing the pull door is something to be proud of?  As is counting on your fingers as though you're in first grade?  Being a pushover and an idiot is how we define our femininity?


The really bad thing is how fucking popular this is.  This sort of thing is exactly what's wrong with America.  We're proud of being idiots.

I need a drink.


Anonymous said...

Funny, we probably won't hear a peep out of so many so-called "feminists" about such. You've come a long way, baby!

Tam said...
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Brad K. said...

Let's not be too harsh. The lady writing the list appears to be fulfilling one of America's lesser-valued roles, that of neglected spouse, which is often a woman's role.

This can be turned around by selecting mates for mate-related reasons, instead of the same vapid merchandising approaches that sells breakfast cereal and designer tennis shoes (that will never see a tennis court). It would help, too, if families were formed because a family is intended rather than pursuing that "last first date" or "getting be-jiggedy with it". Now if we could just get some adult role models on TV and in the neighborhood . . Maybe it would help to stop picking mates and intimate companions where alcohol is served.

Let me put it this way. I am man because I can engage with a woman to initiate what might be the creation of an infant human being. Anything else is cosmetic or a matter of what I have learned, and rules of society that can be re-written or broken.

Mike W. said...

Sabra, it makes perfect sense. The modern "feminist" Movement is run by pushovers and idiots.


SpeakerTweaker said...

Oh, shit. Sometimes I walk into a room and forget why. Does that mean I am a woman?

My wife's gonna be SO pissed...


Anonymous said...

Is this some sort of joke?

I appreciate a little self-deprecating humor as much as the next guy, but saying "I'm dumb, cry a lot, and talk too much because I'm a WOMAN" is... um... stupid.

Chris said...

If I was to show this to my 22-yr-old daughter, the sound of the explosively sarcastic reply would set off seimographs all over the eastern seaboard. She would spare her Dad the profanity, though. Aw, s@#t, no she probably wouldn't.

Don said...

Holy shit, I'm a woman.

I've got all those symptoms except counting on my fingers, and even there I do that thing when I multiply nines . . . . damn.

This is worse than WebMD!