Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday afternoon pot-stirrin'

I will probably get banned in one over this, depending on how tightly the place is moderated, but sometimes you've just got to take a stand.

Here's the OP:

And my response:

(Yes, I edited out my UN.  It's the one I use when I want to remain relatively anonymous online.  And yes, I know Conway is pushing it--I wasn't limiting myself to Outlaws.)

No clue to whom either Easton or Brantley refers?  Either count yourself lucky or make with the clicky:

Country California...Challenge: Compliments for Brantley Gilbert
Farce the Music...Posts Labeled Brantley Gilbert (sorry, can't pick just one--he's that good)
Country California...Succinct Album Reviews: Easton Corbin, Self-Titled
Farce the Music...Top 10 Things Easton Corbin is Not More Country Than

Also, if you wanna see some crazy, check out the rabid BG fan comments on this Country California post.

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