Thursday, March 22, 2012

I know this isn't exactly timely, but it's still richly amusing

Early March:


(Please note that the pix are linked to their respective stories.)

To be fair, this retraction may well be evidence of their commitment to truth.  Still, I find the chronological proximity amusing. 

Any time an organization says "We're going to concern ourselves with truth!", the appropriate response is "What were you concerned with before?"  The claim of course is they were previously concerned with balance.  Well, where was the balance when they decided to air essentially a hit piece on Apple?  There was certainly zero journalism involved (layers and layers of fact checkers!) in failing to vet the story even slightly.

In my Google search for an article on NPR's new "truth doctrine", I discovered that it's mainly left-wing blogs lauding the move.  The belief of all progressives, of course, is that truth is always on their side.  I daresay the retraction of a story  no progressive questioned (judging by the fact that the NPR article I linked to said it was one of their most popular podcasts ever) is prima facie evidence that belief is about as based in reality as, well, any other.


skippy said...

"he belief of all progressives, of course, is that truth is always on their side."

As opposed to what? Conservatives that *don't* believe the truth is on their side?

Most people believe that the truth is on their side. Their generally wrong at some point. The honest ones will just admit it more readily.

Sabra said...

Most conservatives and liberals I know (and I do separate out liberals and progressives, make no mistake) will admit that truth, inasmuch as it is a discrete thing, lies somewhere outside of politics altogether.

My irritation with this whole thing may be colored, at the moment, by one of the courses I'm taking this semester--Intro to Mass Communications--which has a horribly slanted textbook. I am encountering, again and again and again, leftist claims that the truth is a Leftist artifact.

Of course all of us think our ideologies are correct. And we're even right occasionally.

kx59 said...

Disconnect NPR from the government teet and they will do one of two things, move closer to the "truth" or wither.
they've gotten some bad press lately. They're just laying low waiting for it to blow over.
I don't think they believe truth is on their side. They believe they hold the moral high ground and the ends justify the means. Progressive Jihad.