Sunday, February 12, 2012

February Photos, Day Twelve: Inside of the Closet

Today's photo is supposed to be the inside of my closet.  Only problem?  I don't have one.  There is a closet in this room, but we can't get the door open.  I don't know why.  It's not locked; the handle just spins.  Anyway, I took a photo of the inside of a drawer instead.  So you can see my mad organizational skills in action:

Yeah, it's about like that.  Let's see: knitting needles, a baby-chewed CD case (I'd like to punch whomever decided to make them out of cardboard), my Kindle in its cover, two bottles of nail polish, nail art pens, my crappy digital camera, a lipstick tube, and my thermometer.  Plus other random crap.

1 comment:

Mattexian said...

Any of y'all mechanically inclined? If the knob itself is the only thing spinning, you can either tighten the screw holding it on, or remove it altogether and either replace it or just use pliers to grip the square rod to find out if there's anything in the closet.

The inside of a drawer is probably more interesting anyway, a closet is usually packed with clothes and shoes.