Wednesday, February 15, 2012

February Photos, Day Fourteen: Heart

I'm going figurative again here, because a heart? On Valentine's Day?  Yeah, no.  (The only actual heart I've seen today, other than some candies Bobbie gave me, was the one on the gift bag I gave Erik.)

This is a little girl's heart.  Esther loves snakes.  I've said before that she is my uncle reincarnated, & that is one big reason why.  He loved them too.

We went to the rodeo today (just the grounds, not the show itself) and of course had to go see the snake show.  They offered this Texas Indigo and another snake up for petting once it was over.  I had to pull Esther off the other one so someone else could have a chance to pet it; the only way I could get her to move was to point her toward this one.  She was elated when the snake did this, and even happier when the man holding it said the snake was giving her a valentine.

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breda said...

That was good for my heart, too. Very sweet.