Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Well, I've accomplished one of my resolutions for the year.  I cleared up all my unfinished projects from last year.  This actually isn't as impressive as I'd like for it to sound: I wound up frogging (unraveling) three projects because I didn't keep good enough notes to know what I was trying to do with them, and that left me with about four projects to finish.  So I was done rather quickly.

This picture isn't one of those projects.  It's my first project for the new year.  I'm trying to take things one project at a time, and since I just started my second try (first was lost in the move) of the Baby Surprise Jacket, it will be a while before I'm done with it.  These, though, are leg warmers for Esther.  One of the UFOs from last year were legwarmers for Bobbie, and Esther fell upon them immediately.

Of course, now that she has her own pair, she has lost interest.  Unsurprising, that.

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