Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dude, I'm finally doing something girly

It's a long-standing joke between my best friend and I that I am more masculine than he is.  Mainly because he's queer as a three dollar bill and I hate shaving, talking, and clothes.

I was reading over at Borepatch's blog yesterday, and found he linked to a blog post about manly drinks.  In short: Old Fashioned, gin & tonic, and whiskey on the rocks.

The recipe for an Old Fashioned sounds a bit disgusting to me, especially with Borepatch's add-ons.  I have a hearty dislike of mixed drinks that involve sugar and/or fruit.  I couldn't resist some gentle teasing about putting oranges and cherries in the glass.  As I said, the only produce I really like in my drink is olives (lime twists go on the edge of the glass; it's a fine line but I'll walk it).

The blogger he linked to has an odd hatred of martinis, long considered a classic and masculine cocktail.  Oh, I realize that myriad flavored versions exist, but the second you add, say, chocolate liqueur it ceases to be a martini.  Don't go hatin'!

I'm amused, mind you, that vodka is nowhere on the list.  Too reminiscent of the Cold War?  Nevertheless, its lack has convinced me that it must perforce be a feminine libation.  And as that's the only alcohol I drink these days, it follows that I'm finally doing something typically female.  And not a single giant fruity drink needed!

(There was also some discussion in the manly drinks post that Bud Light and other cheap beers are never, ever acceptable.  My poor husband's misspent youth leapt immediately to mind.  Is Natty Light girly?)


Albatross said...

Is Natty Light girly?

No, but Busch is.

John A said...

Vodka Martini?

Personally, put a long straw in a bottle of Cuervo Especial and I'm happy.

I suspect the whole thing started in pre-history when a woman, desperately low on food, decided there must be some way to use that rotten grain. See also sauerbraten.