Saturday, December 03, 2011

One Upmanship

I'm gonna outdo the War on Christmas.

You know how every year around this time the Religious Right starts up on those eeevilll liberals and how it's just wrong that they say Happy Holidays? Because, of course, retail salespeople should know exactly what holiday each of their customers celebrates and greet them appropriately. Or maybe it's because no holidays other than Christmas occur during December (well, other than Hannukah & Bodhi day, but those were made up to steal attention from Christmas amirite).

At any rate, I'm told that the only proper greeting right now is "Merry Christmas", because it's Christmastime, dammit! isn't. See, the Christmas season doesn't start until December 25th. The season leading up to the second-holiest Christian holiday of the year is Advent, dammit.

Ergo, anyone who makes a point of telling you Merry Christmas is not only an insufferable asshole, they're wrong. I hereby encourage all right-thinking Christians to stand up to the scourge of religious revisionism and combat the War on Advent.


Suz said...

Hear! Hear!

Albatross said...

And most people don't know that the twelve days of Christmas as memorialized in that insane, repetitive song actually begin December 26 and run through Epiphany, January 6. So start expecting the real presents from your true love on Boxing Day.

Merry Xmas!

Sabra said...

Ruth, I am very sorry; I accidentally deleted your comment instead of publishing it. Here it is, copied from my e-mail:

Not arguing, I've worked retail/customer service for WAY TO LONG. Unless someone has already greeted me with "merry christmas" I ALWAYS say "happy holidays", cause I HAVE had folks of other religions "state their disapproval" of being wished a merry christmas.

On the other hand the whole "holiday tree" thing is BS. If you can seriously come up with another religion who uses a pine tree in the same manor during the same time period I'd love to know about it. People who buy a christmas tree are celebrating christmas, maybe only in the secular sense, but they're celebrating christmas.

Ruth said...

No worries, its easy to do.

John B said...

Merry Christmas Sabra!
(Hold for release dec-20th)

breda said...

I think I'm going to start saying wishing people a merry Xmas. Pronounced Ecks-mas.