Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday Song #10

One of my favorite things about music is its silliness.  Oh, there are some people out there who take themselves and their art seriously all the time, but they're just not as enjoyable as the folks who can let loose at least part of the time.  I'm not talking nonsense songs here, either, just silly bits of fluff that are guaranteed to lighten the mood.

This first song is one of those.  It probably should qualify as a guilty pleasure, but the truth is I don't feel guilty for liking it at all.  It's absolutely silly; a song about a rodeo clown who not only drinks but can often be found "smoking you-know-what".  I'm also quite amused by the fact that the singer declares himself a "rock and roll rodeo clown" in a song that is very heavy on the fiddle.  And as much as country cred songs have taken over Nashville recently, I rather appreciate the line "I'm from the big town; I ain't no damn hillbilly."

(Pardon the strangeness of this video, please; it's the only one YouTube has.  Sound quality's good, though.)

When I was looking for that, I came across this next song, from the same fellow.  (I'm bad with names, so pleasant surprises like this aren't at all unusual.)  I've always said that country music is at its best with the sad songs, and this is one of them.  It's a heartbreaking story of poverty and the bad things that fall on a family.  Not an unusual story, and not a made up one.  The video I'm linking here was apparently put together by Joey Green himself and is filled with family pictures.

Complete tangent: I am writing this up Saturday night while Erik's at work and I have access to his computer (I will shortly order a replacement keyboard for mine, finally!) and I just heard Shooter Jennings's new song "Outlaw You"...Ooh, snap! Best. slapdown. ever. If I can find a video for it, I'll get it lined up for next week.

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what he name of the clown song