Sunday, July 03, 2011

Sunday Song #4--Guilty pleasure again

Most of the time when I do these I look an artist up in Wikipedia just to refresh my memory of who they are and what they've done.  This time I had to look up the artist because I honestly had no idea who he is.  It took a little bit of effort to even find the video, since I could remember neither the singer nor the actual title of the song.  This is amusing since apparently the song hit #7 on the charts back in 2009.

Shows how much I pay attention to commercial radio these days, eh?  I've only ever heard "Red Light" on Pandora, to my knowledge.  And this is absolutely the Nashville sound.  It's a sad song, the classic guy loses girl theme.  I like it because of the absolutely mundane setting--as it says, at a red light, on a Sunday.  It's the writer in me--how much drama is going on in the cars around you on your commute?  What might be the most life-changing moment ever, for you, may be completely unremarkable to everyone else.  That's par for the course for most such things--how many of y'all remember exactly what you were doing at 12:34 this past Veteran's Day?  I remember, and Erik does, but not many people have a reason to.

So I like the song for that reason.  As for David Nail himself...well, I don't have much of a clue who he is.  He's recorded two albums, one of which wasn't released, and had five songs so far.  I listened to the other four after this one, and they're not bad but they're nothing outstanding.  He's only sorta country to my Red Dirt-tuned ears, but at least he's not Kenny Chesney.  Nail's voice is a good one, I think, but his song choices, by and large, strike me as far too run-of-the-mill for him to ever really be a breakout star.  Of course, I could be wrong on this one; God knows I don't know what floats in Nashville these days.

I find the video for this song terribly disappointing, by the way.  I don't know what big city it was filmed in, other than "one of the interchangeable ones", but it doesn't fit the song very well at all.  Although, props to the director for bucking the "countrier than thou" trend that was in its genesis back then and putting the dude in a Mercedes instead of a Jeep.

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greg said...

How awesome...just heard this song today driving home....first time in a while. I loved it when it came out....but yeah, the video doesn't match...although losing a gal like that would be sad...