Friday, July 01, 2011

I have no idea

I want to blog, but nothing is catching my interest, sadly.  Perhaps I've caught MikeW's ennui.  Maybe it's a summertime thing?  Not sure.  Imma keep digging; two of the kidlets are with Erik's mom and one is asleep beside me and the oldest is off doing her own thing somewhere around here, so I'll try to make use of the 45 minutes or so that are left 'til Erik gets off work.


greg said...

Kind of in that phase myself...not necessarily not wanting to blog, but I can't seem to give a rat's ass about politics lately...with the world going to poop I'd much rather focus on my family and things that make me smile, but I'm sure people can only stand hearing so much about what a cool family I have.

Sabra said...

Ah, but I love reading about your family! I need to get over & catch up on your wife's blog.