Thursday, July 07, 2011

I should not be allowed anywhere near large-family blogs

I just shouldn't.  A lot of people, they look at the Duggars and think they're crazy.  Me, I look at them and get a little jealous.  When I was a kid, I always said I wanted 12 or 13 of my own.  I don't know why, really.  Hazards of being raised as an only child.  My aunt had five kids and whenever I went over there it was so much more fun.  Which is kind of a funny thing to say, given that my aunt was batshit crazy and used to beat the shit out of her kids on a regular basis, but it really was a better environment than my own house.


A couple of Saturdays ago I was blog-surfing, this occasional thing where I click a random link in the blogroll of someone I read regularly, then when I get bored there I click on a random link in their blogroll, and so on until I hit a dead-end (someone who has no blogroll, something that I only think is a blog, someone who hasn't updated since2009, that sort of thing).  Somehow I stumbled upon a blog written by a gal with a dozen kids and five grandkids and from there I was down the rabbit hole.  Twelve kids...ten kids...ten kids...eight kids...five, no, six, no, seven kids!  Cool.  I haz jealousy.  (Yes, yes, I'm crazy.  Didn't we establish that years ago?)

I don't remember the blog I started out on, but this is where I finished up: Momma Bug's Blog.  Seven kids!  Including a little girl born on Easter Sunday.  They live on a hill (mountain?) in Idaho, a bit below a brother and sister-in-law (I think) who seem to have a passel of kids of their own.  It's a fascinating look into an unusual sort of life.  They live off-grid and seem to still be building their cabin.  She homeschools, had a homebirth, and they're very devout.

They even let their daughters wear pants, which seems like some sort of miracle.

I will eventually get bored with this blog, probably.  I don't have a good track record with mommy blogs.  Right now, though, I find it deeply fascinating and am reading back through the archives, something I haven't felt the urge to do since I decided to dig into Erik's blog.


Anonymous said...

Duggars also have a blog (with recipes! LOL)

peterd said...

I think five kids would be enough for me. I can't imagine having a dozen or more. I would like to live off-grid if I could afford it.
I'm also in favor of home-schooling, though I've found that teachers don't feel the same way. MC is anti home school, though a big reason for that is a friend of hers who tried it and apparently didn't do much teaching. And the other woman is a teacher, too.

Sabra said...

I dunno about the rest of the Duggars' recipes, but Michelle Duggar's dinner roll recipe is to die for. They are seriously so good; they make a little over a dozen IIRC and we fall on them like a pack of starving wolves.

Peter, I managed to teach Bobbie enough stuff when I home schooled her for kindergarten that she coasted through 90% of first grade. She just knew it already.

Dave said...

I am the youngest of seven children and my wife is the youngest of five kids in her family. You'd think that we both would have wanted a huge family of our own. Nope. One boy and one girl and it was into the doctor's office for snip-snip city for me.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what the deal was with MC's friend. She apparently didn't teach her sons much at all. I'm pretty sure one of the two failed that year. That's just sad.