Sunday, July 24, 2011

(belated) Saturday Munchkin Blogging #3

Yes, I know it's Sunday.  There's a story behind my tardiness, which involves my oldest daughter, a quart of Diet Coke, the keyboard I thankfully never replaced, and 7 working keys, but I won't tell you the story 'cause you can probably figure it out on your own.


One of the scarier things about getting remarried of course is worrying how your spouse's family is going to treat your kids.  I mean, obviously you can control for that with your new spouse, but their family is always a wild card. 

I lucked out.  Other than one aunt saying to Erik back when I was pregnant that it was easy to be a Daddy before the kid came out (apparently missing the three already-here children, which I helpfully pointed out to her), his family is great with the girls.  They call Peggy their non-crazy grandmother.  For her part, I think she's quite happy to finally have some granddaughters.  Every time she comes for a visit, they fight over who gets to go spend the night at the hotel with her.  She finally told them she'd take each for a few days over the summer, and she followed through.

It's been a smashing success:
 This is the day they had to come home.

This is the day they left.  See, much happier here.

They had fun while they were gone, too:
Yeah.  Mommy is no match for Grandmother Peggy.

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