Monday, June 27, 2011

Sunday Song #4

(Yes, I know it's technically Monday.  But I haven't been to bed yet, so it's still Sunday to me.)

I had a hell of a time coming up with something.  I had one in mind, and then forgot it.  Skipping last week was a very bad idea, apparently.  To refresh my memory, I went through my Facebook links; most of what's there I think I have also posted here, so it was nearly a fruitless endeavor.

Then I came across this link, which is to my Valentine's Day gift from Erik, and immediately thought of the title track from the album.

Cory Morrow can, for those unfamiliar, be explained fairly well as "the non-sellout Pat Green."  (They have, in fact, recorded together.) Very similar sound; hell, they even look quite a bit alike.

If you know anything of George Jones, you know that he credits his current wife, Nancy Sepulvado, for saving his life.  She helped him clean up his act.  The same can, apparently, be said for Cory Morrow's wife.  He's said this album is the first one he's done while sober.  (Upon hearing this, I told my husband, "Oh, that explains 'The Preacher.'") 

"Brand New Me" is kind of a ridiculously peppy song, and very, very catchy (earworm material; don't say I didn't warn you).  But it's a fun song and one of few I really like that I'm not embarrassed to catch the kids singing (unlike the last Sunday Song).

 On to the video...

The problem with having a prediliction for songs that will never be played on the radio (at least other than in very niche markets) is the difficulty in finding a decent video for the song.  That was absolutely my problem here; I got to choose between a distant can't-really-see-the-band video and giant-head-floating-above-a-wooden-Willie-Nelson video.  Now, normally I'd go with the latter just for amusement factor, but that one is for some reason nearly 7 minutes long, so I'll go with the other one.

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Anonymous said...

"Oh, that explains 'The Preacher.'"

Well, at least he's not doing that damn scat-singing in that song...