Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Holy brain fog Batman

So last week I decided to make the plunge and try cutting out grains for a while to see if it would help with some...digestive...issues I (and the baby, via my milk) have.  It's not a low-carb diet, though it is lower than normal by virtue of the fact that I am now getting my carbs via produce.  To begin with I was only eating whole and low glycemic-index grains for the most part, and except for a newfound affection for air-popped popcorn, really wasn't eating much in the way of breads except for oatmeal and grits.  But in spite of being under my pre-pregnancy weight by about 10 pounds, I'm bloated enough in the tummy area to still be wearing the same size clothes.

So, bye-bye grains.  No bread, no pancakes, no flour tortillas, etc.  I miss croissants.  But, other than a day-long jitters session about 48 hours after I started this, I felt great.  Less hungry.  Fewer cravings for sweets.

So what'd I do?  I fucked it up.  I got hungry yesterday but didn't have much in the house to eat, so I shared a fruit salad with Erik and Esther and stupidly didn't eat more after that.  We needed to go to Central Market to get a few things that just aren't available at HEB, or aren't available without spending an arm and a leg there.  Things like unsweetened coconut, full-fat Greek yoghurt, etc.

Unfortunately, the other thing Central Market has is a fantastic bakery, and the nommiest prepared sandwiches in existence.  And we were all hungry.  So I said "Eh, one day won't hurt me" and since anyway I am skeptical of these things I figured it was worthwhile to see whether wheat & such had any effect on me.  So we got some of the fantastic bread and some of the nommy sandwiches, and sat outside and ate.

And the sandwich was good.  I had a muffaletta sandwich, which is on this certain type of bread that has sesame seeds and a crisp crust and chewy interior and is just great.  I practically inhaled it...And then practically fell over.  Much as I love bread, it seems the feeling is not mutual.  Dammit.

So says I, Well, I ain't doing that again.

Until we went to lunch today.  And I tried to be good.  I figured I'd be okay if I stuck to corn tortillas, since I made migas the other morning to no ill effects.  Sounds like a good idea, right?  Only, no.  I don't know if the corn tortillas they have at Taco Cabana have some wheat flour in them as some do (I made sure that the corn tortillas I ate the other day were just made from ground corn) or if I was fooling myself about the corn or what, but the brain fog came back.

I hate that.

I am not making the mistake again.  No matter how good it is going down, it is not worth the fuzzy-headed feeling after I eat it.

Look for Erik to start sneaking bread in the pickup, 'cause that stuff isn't coming back in my house again.


Anonymous said...

Well, I dunno about the bread, but the tortillas from HEB are another thing entirely...

kx59 said...

wheat is the most common allergy on the face of the planet. IMHO, it was put on earth to feed hooved animals.
I'm not getting preachy by any means, I certainly consume a lot of it, but it doesn't affect me adversely.
well except for my midsection...