Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Race Card FAIL

So, it seems Miss San Antonio got in trouble for, among other things, not showing up to events and not losing weight (!) when she was told to.

So LULAC (otherwise known as the "the smoking ban is racist" folks) filed a lawsuit on her behalf, 'cause she's just a poor, hard-working Mexican girl being taken advantage of by EBIL gringos:

“The way I see this is these rich white Dominion types versus the Latinos who are busting themselves to make a living,” said Vera, still fuming from what he said was an unsuccessful attempt to resolve the matter out of court. “She busted herself to graduate and better herself, and then they do this to her.”

First obvious problem with this?  The executive director of the group that runs the pageant (Miss Bexar County Organization, Inc) is named Caroline Flores.  Granted, that may well be her married name, but methinks not too many Mexican-haters marry them.

Second obvious problem?  This is the runner up:

(photo belongs to the paper; it was uncredited there)

Now, I'm no expert, but I'm pretty sure she's not a rich white girl.

Also?  Sweetie?  Busting your ass to better yourself means getting really really good grades and an academic scholarship, not trying to skate through life on your looks and ethnicity.

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