Friday, February 11, 2011

Pink sparkles, rainbow unicorn farts, and protective orders...

Things that won't protect you from a murderous ex-boyfriend.

This story has been on the news all day today (and that's quite often, as I listen to talk radio & so get the news on the hour & the half hour).  Short version: guy and gal have rocky, violent relationship.  Gal breaks it off.  Guy decides to get her.  Waits outside her house for her to leave for work, pulls his car up behind hers to block her in, shoots her twice in the head, then shoots himself several times.**

Every single time I've heard this story, the news girl has said "The woman did not have a protective order."

Yeah, and?

Does anyone still believe in the magic of protective orders?  Really?  I suppose these working protective orders are delivered by the Tooth Fairy, and Paul Bunyan immediately shows up to provide physical security.

Certainly a woman can make no use of things like, say, a handgun and situational awareness. 

**Open letter to WOAI & KTSA's news staff: this is not an "attempted murder-suicide".  This is a "murder and attempted suicide.***" 

***Can anyone at the hospital pinch a necessary tube for jerkoff's life support setup?  Save the state some money?  We're in a budget crisis, y'all.

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TOTWTYTR said...

Protective orders are only effective against those for whom they are unnecessary. Anyone intending to commit and act of violence will laugh at one. Before they kill the person who possesses the protective order.