Monday, February 28, 2011

OK, this segregating ourselves stuff is just getting stupid

Knitting Liberally

I found that yesterday while looking for a snood pattern.  Their self-description:

Knitting Liberally is a community site for true, patriotic people passionate about peace, progressive politics, and yarn. Sign up and start posting!

Knit. Vote. Blog.

Sigh.  Look, I recognize being passionate about your needlecraft & your politics.  I do not understand segregating yourself from other practitioners of the former because of the latter.

And really, it's only liberals who do this.  Know what I get when I Google "knitting conservatively"?  This:

In other words, there's not a conservative version of KnittingLiberally, 'cause conservatives are grownups and know how to play nice with people who think differently.  I would like to think liberals are the same way, but it seems not.

(In an aside, I'm guessing the members are responsible for such patterns as the knitted Obama doll, knitted Obama dishcloth, knitted Obama hat (there's more than one), the Obama poster sweater (!) & quite possibly the Obama afghan; they're 100% responsible for the Hillary Clinton doll.)

Really, it has never ever occurred to me to check the politics of my fellow fiber-crafters before associating with them.  I know the politics of several, because we are all on Mama Drama together and argue over it occasionally, but it just doesn't matter.  This is just silliness.

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TBeck said...

Madame Lafarge would approve.