Thursday, January 20, 2011

Well, what the hell did you EXPECT?

So apparently there was a family practice physician in Philadelphia who was supposed to be performing mere late-term abortions but in reality was delivering babies alive and then murdering them once they were born.  Those few seconds apparently make all the difference.

Everyone is reacting with disgust to this.  Even some pro-abortion folks:

"Those are the kind of stories that break your heart," said Vicki Saporta, president of the National Abortion Federation, which rejected Gosnell from membership years ago because he did not meet its standards of care. The group's 400 members perform about half the abortions in North America, she said.
(And spare me the sanctimonious "I'm pro-choice, not pro-abortion" bullshit here, okay?  If you're head of the National Abortion Federation, you're all for the unborn baby killing.)

Well, woman, what the fuck did you expect would happen?  You cultivate a culture which values convenience over life, and turns death-dealing into a God-damned commodity, and then you're shocked--SHOCKED, I SAY!--that there's a doctor who has so dehumanized unborn children that it spills over into born children?


Spare me, bitch.  You don't care about women.  You're not working to make it so that they can keep their babies, you're working to make it okay that they can disregard another person's life, that they themselves can be dehumanized and commodified.  You are turning them into nothing more than the sum total of their reproductive organs.

And here's another shocker for you: this clinic was in a poor, minority neighborhood.  Holy shit!  It's almost as if abortionists specifically target minority women

Again, what did you expect would happen?

It reminds me of this story: NJ abortion doctor's license is suspended.  Anyone remember that?  Back in mid-October, the story broke that Stephen Brigham had this adorable little habit of starting abortions in a state where they were illegal and then loading his patients into a car and driving them across a state line to finish it, 'cause in Maryland it's a-OK to kill babies well past the threshold of viability.

This is what you get.  You back actions which erase the meaning of human life from the smallest, most helpless humans out there, and eventually it begins to transfer to the carriers of those innocents.  (Hell, I'll bet you a pizza you can tie the ongoing habit of inducing women with Cytotec--a drug also used for abortions--for inducing women, in spite of the fact that the drug's manufacturer specifically warns against such use, to this general dehumanization of pregnant women.)

Know what else you get?  You get women who abort one twin because having three total children would interrupt your lifestyle too much.  You get couples who abort twin boys because of their penises.

Reasonable people react to those stories with horror.  But here's the thing: if you support abortion, you must support these things.  There is zero moral difference.  Choice is choice, and if you support a woman's choice to kill her unborn child for any reason...Guess what?  That means any reason.  Is it reprehensible to kill half of a pair randomly?  Yes, of course.  Is it reprehensible to kill children because they're the "wrong" sex?  Yes, of course.  But if it's okay to kill any given child, it must be okay to kill any other given child.  Drawing an arbitrary line because one action doesn't sit right with you is completely disingenuous.

Which brings me back around to the beginning.  What pisses me off the most about this story is that it features the mother of all arbitrary lines.  If that doctor had shoved the scissors into the baby's heads seconds earlier, it would have been a fine and dandy thing to do.

Bullshit.  Evil is evil, no matter when it occurs.


Anonymous said...

Drawing an arbitrary line because one action doesn't sit right with you is completely disingenuous.

Well, sure it is...if you want to be intellectually consistent and not just win the argument.

SpeakerTweaker said...

I will be taking your word concerning the content behind each of the links in this post. Frankly, I read shit like that and start to see how people who bomb abortion clinics feel.

That is seriously fucked up.

That said, I do find this post particularly enlightening. Admittedly, I haven't figured out yet how to articulate my feelings on this, the mother of Hot-Button Issues. Your post is quite helpful in attaining that goal.


Borepatch said...

This is an epic rant. Well done.

Jay G said...

Bravo, Sabra. Bravo.