Friday, January 21, 2011

Adventures in Parenting

Just had the following convo, post baby barf:

"Ah! And of course she waited until I didn't have a diaper handy."**
"Why doesn't she ever puke on you?"
"There was that one time!"
"Fuck you!  Fuck you and your one time."
"Yeah, but it was vast and copious amounts."
"It usually is with me.  I got lucky that time."

And, of course, my hair took the brunt of the damage.

In other news, look at the changes in this sweetie who is only 10 weeks old (about 7 weeks in the second picture):

She's wearing the same wool soaker in both pix for an extra point of comparison.  (She's maybe two weeks old in the first pic.)

**Since we cloth diaper, there are a lot of diapers floating around the house at any given time.  Gerber prefolds, which for some bizarre reason usually come stuffed with polyfil, are my go-to barf cloth.  I do own actual burp cloths.  I use them as doublers for nighttime dipes.  It makes more sense in practice, trust me.

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