Wednesday, December 01, 2010

100 journalists...

And not a one of 'em caught this:


Also: Bob?  You're a twit:

San Antonio is a better, more vibrant city thanks to these newly arrived Mexicans. We should welcome them, and find a way to count them and measure their impact. Next time you find yourself within earshot of a Mexican-bashing conversation, try introducing some facts into the debate.

Except for one time*, I can honestly say I've never been within earshot of a Mexican-bashing conversation in this city.  We like those rich Mexican nationals.  We always have.  As long as they've had money to spend, we've welcomed them with open arms.

*Seventh or eighth grade, auditorium at Davis middle school.  Girl was holding forth on those "nasty-ass" Mexicans to a group of her friends.  This was seriously the most racist person I've ever had the displeasure of knowing.  Ironic, since she was multiracial herself.  This was the same girl who, in science class in high school, said she'd never let a child of hers marry a white person.

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