Tuesday, November 30, 2010

There is an obvious solution to this

Texas Refuses to Share Lethal Injection Drug

Well, at least there is an obvious solution to the fact that we apparently have 36 more does of sodium thiopental killin' juice than we have executions scheduled before the drug is scheduled to expire.

Move up some execution dates!  C'mon, we're working on a timetable here, people.

(Seriously, though: Sharing is sometimes a good thing, Governor.)


mupedalpusher said...

Kinda cracks me up that they worry about the expiration date of a drug used to kill! Just up the dose a bit and move on!

TOTWTYTR said...

I find the whole thing absurd. Not just the part about the expiration date, but the mere fact that we have to use a humane drug to execute a murderer.

There are any number of anesthetic drugs that could be used, but apparently the FDA is worried that they might kill the person scheduled to be executed. They just wouldn't kill him painlessly enough.

What a farce.

Bob S. said...

I have an even easier solution.

I'll contribute a box of whatever rifle caliber that they pick.

I'm wouldn't even mind paying full price but I'm betting we could get a discount from any number of local gun stores.

Epsilon Given said...

Bob S.'s option is available in Utah, but it's up to the person who's dying to choose it. Occasionally someone does :-).