Thursday, October 28, 2010

One more reason we shouldn't have concealed carry on campus

Yes, I'm being sarcastic, and I hope to be able to update this with a news story in the morning.

 WOAI reported today that campus security has been stepped up at San Antonio College following a rash of assaults on and near campus.  Sure enough, a quick check of my ACES e-mail shows three messages with the subject line CAMPUS CRIME ALERT.

Most recently, a student was assaulted just off campus at a bus stop by a "black male" who tried to take his backpack and personal belongings.  Another student was assaulted "in the area of Dewey and Belknap streets" (otherwise known as "on the other side of campus from the college PD") by three assailants who stole his cell phone.  In the first instance, a student had his personal property "stolen from him by two unknown subjects while in the area between McCreless Hall and Gonzales Hall" (also on the other side of campus from the PD).  There's no time on two of them, but this one happened at about 2:30pm.

We are given these CRIME PREVENTION TIPS:

·        Be aware of your surroundings.
·        Immediately report any suspicious persons to the Alamo Colleges Police.
·        Request an Alamo Colleges Police safety escort at 485-0099.
·        Use the “buddy” system when walking.

Well, that's helpful, no?


suz said...

Good start, but a VERY short list. I'd rather be armed...

Bob S. said...

I almost wish I was still in school.

I'm thinking that an organized use of the campus security would be a great idea.

Try to get everyone to call for a security escort -- run them ragged trying to keep up with walking everyone to their cars.

Then maybe they would support campus carry.

Charlene said...

Here this week two men approached a group of students leaving their campus housing early in the morning demanding money. A man walking his "retired police" dog saw what was happening. He let his dog off the leash. Police were called and by the time the cops were on scene they had both guys. The dog had one and the man walking the dog had the other. The one the dog got ran behind a fence and got into a metal barrel. There was no lid. The perpetrator sustained 9 dog bites. Don't worry the dog had his shots. SMILE

As far as anyone knows no guns were involved until the police got there.

suz said...

Someone give that dog a bone!