Thursday, October 28, 2010

Not quite, dear...

Said immediately after voting early:

"I feel so dirty.  I voted for a Democrat."  (It was more about my distaste for voting against someone...)

Said later:

"You know, there's a Republican named Bill White.  Running for judge.  I bet he is hating his name right now...I voted for the Libertarian."

"I'm going to make a Wookie-suiter out of you yet."

"No, I like the FDA."

Took Esther through the line & to the booth with me.  Didn't have a real good explanation for why I was voting, since it's not my job and I harbor few illusions about the matter.  Somehow, I managed to miss the gubernatorial race the first time through the ballot, but I caught it while in the QA portion.  These little machines don't like it when you leave races blank, but what the heck is the point of voting for someone who is running unopposed?

There were Libertarians for almost all of the races, and Green Party candidates for the statewide ones, looked like.  Came home and saw that one of my Facebook friends had "I finally voted" as her status.  Funny how widespread early voting can change your perspective on the issue. 

And for the record, I managed to not have my vote suppressed, in spite of having to park several blocks away (and pay for the privilege) and waddle over to the courthouse.

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