Monday, July 12, 2010


Since this one is 100% personal & actually old bidness--not to mention admittedly shallow--Imma put it past a break.  Consider yourself warned.

OK, here we go.

Back when my ex left me, I used to tell my best friend Mark, "I know a man can get tired of a steady diet of steak, but what the hell would make him go for week-old tuna instead?"  Mark, ever the good friend, would always correct me to two-week-old tuna, but I digress.

Erik & I were lying in bed just last night (maybe the night before) & I told him about this picture I had.  I've never considered myself the most beautiful woman in the world--or beautiful at all, to be honest, though I do think I'm pretty--but there was this one picture of me and my cousin that the idiot ex left me for, and looking at that photo goes to prove the whole steak/tuna thing.  Interestingly enough, tonight I found the photo in question:

I shall add no more...


Borepatch said...

Paul Newman used that line when asked whether he was tempted by all the starlets around him.

"Why go out for hamburger when there's steak at home?"

I found that to be more charming than I can say, but I'm kind of odd.

Anonymous said...

This post made me laugh!

By the way, Sabra, you ARE beautiful!