Friday, June 25, 2010

Off the shelf

Whilst in the whirlwind of trying to combine two households into a third, singular household*, I am chillin' at Casita de Pistolero in the lovely (upper) Texas gulf coast, gettin' stuff together here whilst he works on getting the keys and such to the new place in San Antonio.  In reality, this means I am wondering at the fact that I managed to marry someone who's as much of a packrat as am I, and trying to politely deflect his lovely mother's apparent plans to furnish the new place entirely from the households of a rather large--and incredibly wonderful--extended family.

Meanwhile, I am passing time reading, most specifically this:

Great book, as you can imagine, and 100% politically incorrect (at one point the author likens patriotic Democrats to unicorns).  The time period is February to August 2004, so it covers the time when shit went rodeo.  There's an interesting piece in there about a change in the ROE to "one of the most aggressive employed by U.S. forces in some time" and the outright refusal of many units (including at least part of the First Cav) to follow it; instead preferring to run like hell when confronted.  Msgt. Lynch's experience in Iraq pretty much corroborates everything right-wingers have been saying about that war, including coalition forces' attempts to undermine what we were doing there.  Fascinating stuff.

*Dude, the new place actually was never on wheels at any point during its existence.  I feel like breaking out into the theme song for The Jeffersons...It's not quite a done deal, though, so good thoughts would be appreciated.

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