Friday, May 28, 2010

You know what's good?

I have my laptop in my room and I am lying down on my bed on my stomach and occasionally there is a thump thump thump from the general direction of my uterus.  That rocks.

This pregnancy was wanted and welcomed, and yet scary at the same time, given the outcome of the last pregnancy.  I haven't completely calmed down yet.  Haven't stopped checking for blood.  But the movement that is easily felt and obviously baby goes a long way toward easing my mind.

I'm almost 17 weeks along.  Into the second trimester.  Well past the point where I miscarried.  I am visibly pregnant (if you know me; otherwise I suspect I just look fat), grown out of all my normal clothes and living in the one pair of maternity pants that don't aggravate the lingering morning sickness. 

The girls, of course, are aware of the upcoming spawnling.  They go from happy to excited, assigning & reassigning themselves jobs on a regular basis.  Esther will give the baby its first bath (I think she had determined to deliver it herself there for a while).  Bobbie and Linda are still debating diaper duty--they want to do it.

We've gone shopping for baby stuff.  Bought some clothes (mostly from the thrift store 'cause it's so much cheaper it's not funny).  Whimpered over the price increase for my preferred car seat.  (Which is kind of a moot point, because right now we kinda lack a vehicle that will fit four kids plus us.)  I've spent a lot of time shaking my head at the stuff that's suddenly "necessary". (Bumbo seats?  Really?  What the fuck is wrong with letting your kid learn to sit up in its own time?  I am seriously not convinced those are a good idea at all.)  Wondered if this kid will take a bottle, and whether an $11 breast-shaped bottle will be what makes the difference.

It is all incredibly mundane and I love every second of it.


the pistolero said...

Goodness. I love you, sweet wife. And the baybeh, too.

Heather said...

I have a deep dislike for Bumbo seats, too.