Saturday, May 29, 2010

A phrase I hate

I am sure they exist in your hobby, no matter what it is.  Catchphrases that, every time you hear them, you wince and want to throw something.

I have one biggie, which I have heard far too many times and from far too many people to possibly pinpoint the origin; nevertheless if I track down the person who coined it I will beat them bloody.

The phrase?

Not your grandmother's crochet.  (If you remember my crochet blog, you've seen me bitch about this before, but I get to do it again.  'Cause I said so.)

My opinion of this has never changed:  "Damn straight it's not.  Grandma would be embarrassed to make most of this shit."

There are so many examples.  I could do a whole series.  I'm just going to put one here, though, as it is probably the best illustration I've come across, and something I've always found particularly vexing.

To wit:

Not grandma's crochet (ca. 2008):

Grandma's crochet (ca. 1941):

See the difference?  Apparently, we modern crocheters are too fucking dumb to make fingers.  Now, there are a few modern patterns for crocheted gloves with fingers.  Well, one that I could find.  And it also included a finger-less option.  The vast majority of them, though, are actually worse than the one here.  Either they don't cover your fingers at all or they're boxy or ugly or some combination of the three.

I think Grandma came out ahead.

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Norm Deplume said...

In my case, it SHOULD read, "Not your Aunt Sally's crochet." My grandmother was a crochet teacher, and was seriously handy with tiny steel hooks and cotton thread. Aunt Sally made fluorescent-esqe ripple afghans. ;)

Knitting has had the same issue. If you look at books/magazines from the 1950's or before, the patterns are full of fine yarns and structural details. Starting in the 1960's, the yarns and needles became irritatingly thick and the construction lazy.