Thursday, April 15, 2010

Zombie baby ate my brains

It's a long-standing joke among my family and friends that pregnancy makes me stupid.  I seem to operate for the better part of 40 weeks in a fog, losing my ability to spell (y'all don't want to know how often I've had to backspace to fix typos), to speak coherently, and to--it seems--think...think...Shit, I can't even remember the word.


Critically!  That's it.  I lose my ability to think critically.  I wind up functioning roughly on the level of a blue-dog Democrat.

Sadly, it doesn't seem to be a theory that holds up under testing.  (A hypothesis, I should say to be accurate.)

Literal testing, I mean.  I've had three exams so far in Abnormal Psychology.  Two of them while I was pregnant.  I got a 94.5 on the one returned yesterday, and a 98.5 on the one before.  The one where I wasn't pregnant?  92.5

Huh.  Granted, I could say this isn't too indicative of my actual cognition skills.  Psychology is ridiculously easy.  Always has been.

Intro to World Religions...We've only had two exams in there.  I got an A on the one before I was pregnant, an A+ on the more recent one.  On the objective portion, the earlier was 236/250; the second 244 out of 250.

Darn.  I'll need to find a new line, maybe.

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the pistolero said...

I wind up functioning roughly on the level of a blue-dog Democrat.

Oh, honey, give yourself more credit than that!