Thursday, April 08, 2010

People so much smarter than I...

Well, they think they are anyway...

One of the quirks of the bus system is that, in the mornings, the bus we take to the Park & Ride is due to get there a minute after one of the route we ride downtown is due to leave.  Often there's overlap anyway, and we'll take this earlier 17 downtown.  This gives us a little bit of time before we need to catch our third bus to go to the girls' school.

We get off right in front of a small corner convenience store, and if we catch that earlier 17 and I have the money (which I usually don't, so this is indeed a rare treat) we'll stop in at the store and grab a Diet Coke from the fountain.

There's usually about half a cup of soda left by the time we get to school, so I've told the girls a couple of times to take it to breakfast with them, that way they have something more to drink than just a little half-pint of milk.  (It was never enough for me as a kid.)

Seems they're not allowed to.

They can't have soda at breakfast.  It would, one supposes, upset the delicate nutritional balance of...

Well, let's just look at this week's breakfasts:

April 5
Breakfast in a Box  (This is, typically, dry cereal, "fruit snacks" which harm no actual fruit, and some sort of sweetened mini graham-cracker snack.)

April 6
Pancake Wrap (pig in a blanket)

April 7
Pop Tart
1 oz cereal

April 8
Sausage Biscuit

April 9
Bean and Cheese Taco

Yeah.  I can see how a Diet Coke is such a bad idea, compared to all that nutritional goodness.


Borepatch said...

Glad to see that the State is protecting the powerless from the Evil that is Diet Coke.

Esbee said...

Pack a TaB. =)

TBeck said...

The schools are just preparing them for living beneath the boot of the state. That which is not expressly allowed is prohibited. My daughter's school does not allow any talking in the cafeteria during breakfast. Whenever I sit with her in that grimly silent room I feel like ranting about how she can't have any pudding until she finishes eating her meat.

peter said...

Have you seen that new show on ABC, "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution?" He's a British chef (think he has Food Network show) who came to Huntington, WV to change the culture of food they eat. The kids were being fed pizza for breakfast. He was dumbfounded. He cooked a home-made meal and they were worried the kids would have trouble because they wouldn't be able to use a knife and fork. They only allow them to use spoons! These kids are aged 5-10. And the main lunch lady didn't believe him when he said kindergarteners in Britain use knives. It's insane. Along with the fruit & veggie standards. The whole thing is insane.

Anonymous said...

Jamie Oliver would have a hay day with that menu!

the pistolero said...

Whenever I sit with her in that grimly silent room I feel like ranting about how she can't have any pudding until she finishes eating her meat.

LMAO. Mr. Beck wins the Interwebs. I don't even LIKE Pink Floyd and that made me laugh.