Sunday, April 04, 2010

Every week it is something new. (a rant)

Part of the custody agreement is a "Loving & Caring Order", which in theory prevents the children from having to listen to bad things being said about the other parent.  It was Rob's lawyer's idea, and I didn't give a damn one way or another 'cause, well, I wouldn't try to turn the girls from their dad.

I always did find it amusing this came from Rob's side, given that I've had it confirmed by several sources that he pretty much does nothing but trash talk me.  (And it's nothing that even comes close to being true, either, which is probably why he hasn't turned anyone against me.)

Anyhow, while it does preclude either parent from denigrating the other, for some strange reason it doesn't apply to immediate family members.

Rob's mother apparently never liked me (honestly, I never cared much about her one way or the other).  This is largely because I failed to toe the line and suck up to her and follow whatever stupid shit she said.  I think my favorite of her idiotic pronouncements is still, when I was at the end of my pregnancy with my youngest daughter and suffering from prodromal labor (contractions that started strong and then petered out, often erroneously called false labor) and she insisted I must go to the hospital because my labor had stopped.  I shit you not.

Anyway, she is a regular cause of homicidal thoughts over here.  And a reliable source of anti-Sabra shit-talking.

There is something new every week.  This week, Bobbie and Linda tell me, she called me stupid, said that buying a new computer was stupid, and that I will never graduate from college.  God alone knows how this stuff fits together.

My mother's favorite saying: Consider the source and ignore it.

I also need to have another conversation with the girls in regards to not making my business my former in-laws' business.

I suppose the upset over the computer is that I spent a few hundred ($400.04, to be precise) on it.  Presumably the dumb-ass thinks it's coming from child support.  For the record, that's not possible.  See, I'm not actually getting any child support.  Given that the ex works, at the moment, for a temp agency, I should be getting $179/week (in part, this is to make up for the fact that I got no child support the entire month of February and nearly half of March).  I got $143 on the 10th of March and $75 on the 17th.  This means he's behind $404 in child support for the month of March, and slightly over $1,000 in arrears overall.  It's not entirely his fault--his employer apparently isn't taking the money out of his check (when I called the AG's office, they told me to call back on the 15th of this month--they won't do anything until a month has passed with no payment).  However, the law is clear--it's still, bottom-line, HIS responsibility, and anything his employer doesn't take out of his paycheck, he's required by law to remit to the Attorney General's office himself.

We're not even touching the health insurance aspect.  Which he is also required to provide.  And isn't.

But I'm a bad person for spending part of my student loan on a computer that I have to have for the online course I am taking.  Yeah. 

The really bad thing?  I was in Wal-Mart with Bobbie last week and she told me that her father is buying groceries for his girlfriend.  He's spending, apparently, quite a bit of money on this girl.  And then Bobbie broke into tears and I had to reassure her that her dad really does love her, in spite of how it might seem right now. 

(This is the daughter whom he bought nothing for her birthday.  Not one single fucking thing.)

Y'know, if they wind up not liking him, it's not going to be something the Loving & Caring Order could have prevented.  I'm not saying a thing against him.  Another saying: actions speak louder than words.


TBeck said...

"Assholes always advertise." - Walter Jon Williams, author of DAYS OF ATONEMENT

peter said...

Eli's birthday was the 25th. Never got a thing from his dad. The dad's sis claimed she was going to send a present. Later claimed didn't have our address even though Chloe had texted it to her daughter. Some families are just like that unfortunately. BTW, Chloe got something on her birthday. Apparently he's never liked Eli for some reason.

Sabra said...

Yeah, Peter, he got the younger two girls something on their birthdays. Bobbie was the only one singled out. I'm hoping she doesn't realize it, but I have my doubts.

Esbee said...

I shan't give you parenting advice unless asked, but I do have some experience in a very similar situation. Let me know if you'd like input. In the mean, I wish you nothing but happiness as you embark upon a new, rather exciting chapter, and I hope you don't mind my peeking in.

Peace be with you.

peter said...

Now their aunt claims that she's only able to FedEx packages from work on Friday or something bizarre like that. That's after saying his present would be here Tuesday. Still nothing from them. Don't care so much about her, but for his dad to not give him anything is ridiculous

the pistolero said...

And I am sure she says nothing about their daddy spending all his money on his girlfriend instead of his kids. Twatwaffle.