Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hey Guys!

I'm throwin' this out there for input.

There was the get-together either late last year or earlier this one at the range up here on the NE side o' town. I wasn't able to get to that one, but I know we were discussing having another get-together.

And so I thought...How about we see how many SA and South Texas bloggers we can get together just for a casual thing? I'm looking at second week o' November time-frame. What say we meet up somewhere like Sam's Burger Joint or somewhere of the sort and have a few beers and shoot the breeze?

Tweaker, Dave, Hammer--I'm looking at you. You too, Albatross, if you're feeling up for it. Of course, I'd love to see my guys from farther out as well, but I know it's short notice.


Albatross said...

Sabra, e-mail me.

strangesanantonio-"at" symbol-gmail-dot-com

the pistolero said...

Sounds good to me. If not the second week then the third, if all goes as planned. :-)

Dave said...

strangesanantonio-"at" symbol-gmail-dot-com

Added to my evil spamming list!

Mark said...

I'll try to be up that way. I won't know until the first though.

Sabra said...

Dave, I wouldn't have published that comment if that wasn't exactly the e-mail that's on his blog. ;)

Murphy said...

Sounds like I'll be on a hunting trip during the proposed dates, but I'll keep my eyes out for updates here or in my inbox.