Sunday, July 05, 2009

You, sir, are a wuss.

Coming out of teh Wal-Mart this evening, we were confronted with a gigantic SUV parked on the sidewalk.

I had expected that someone would be sitting in it, dropping off or picking up a passenger, but no. It was just simply parked there. My mother said that there's just no excuse for parking on the sidewalk like that. (Y'all know Wal-Mart. You know every single store has a parking lot bigger than it is.)

Comes this voice from behind us. "Yes, there is. I'm buying a pool."

Erh? Turned around, and this dude--who, by the way, was in full possession of all his body parts--was grabbing one of these:

A plastic kiddie pool. Which he was apparently incapable of carrying to his vehicle should he park it in, you know a parking space. (Mind you, these pools are off to the side of the Wal-Mart where of course there's that little bit of the lot that almost no one parks in. It's not as if he'd even have had to trek across the driveway with it.) Granted, these things are bulky. But requiring of an able-bodied individual to park on the sidewalk so as to minimize the carrying time? Ah, no. Those things weigh less than the cat food bags my disabled mother managed to put single-handedly into the back of my station wagon a week or so ago. Hell, in all probability they weigh less than the driver's side door on his giganto SUV.

I don't think he much appreciated the immediate laughter and mocking. But at least it amused me all the way home.

(For the record, when I bought a slightly smaller version of this pool at HEB last year, I managed to carry it & my youngest daughter halfway down an aisle to my car.)


Dave said...

On the other hand, the only time the guy gets to show off the "off-road" capability of his SUV is in made up situations like this.

"See honey, if we didn't have this big SUV, we'd never be able to pull up onto the rough terrain of a sidewalk and get a pool..."

the pistolero said...

Lol, I have seen that a lot. I used to work at Walmart.

Grumpy, M.D. said...


Likely will show at a neurologist's office complaining about back pain from carrying the damn pool.

John said...

So was the engine running too? Because that would mean 'double carbon offset points' for owning an SUV and leaving it running while conducting pointless errand.