Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Motorcycle Safety from Cracked.com

Cracked Topics: Motorcycle Safety

I'm tempted to pull the pic & put it here, but it's probably all over the internet already, so you'll see it soon enough. Worth the click, though.

From the article:

Just The Facts

  1. A motorbike is the bare minimum number of parts required for an engine to reach lethal velocities.
  2. As opposed to regular vehicles, motorbikes use the rider to protect themselves.
  3. Donorcycles were invented by an aging industrialist to ensure a constant supply of replacement organs. He got all he'd ever need within a year and continues to sell them simply because it's funny.
My favorite part? The helmet is labeled: "Identifying feature preservation device (saves valuable paramedic time)."


Hammer said...

ain't it the truth.

waterbob said...

Hi Lady
Just somfeedback to let you know that on my elderly screen in South Africa, your blog is now clean and most readable. Cheers and continue the good words.