Monday, July 27, 2009

It doesn't mean what you apparently think it means.

Personal vent ahead...

If you're a guy and I'm a girl and we've been flirting/talking for the better part of a month and you've recently gotten to see {the rest of this sentence redacted 'cause my brother now reads this blog}, and in an e-mail I say

"I'm starting to really like you"... does not mean "I want to marry you next week and have your baybehs." does not mean "I love you." does not mean "I want to spend the rest of my life with you." doesn't even mean "I like you as much as I do steak."

It means...wait for it..."I like you." Read nothing more into it than that. If you must infer any hidden meaning, infer "I will gladly show you my {redacted} again, and I'm perfectly willing to {redacted} any time you want." And you can only infer that because I've actually also said the latter and done the former.

And they say women read too much into things!

(You really don't need to guess that the fellow this is aimed at doesn't read this blog, do you?)
(And oh yeah, that group of men who've seen my {redacted} and whom I have any interest in {redacted} is really elite. I get naughty, but not with just anyone.)


Bradley said...

is it possible to like anything as much as steak?

BeautifulWreck said...


This was a great post.