Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hey, just so you know

The one on the lower left is for Adam. I lit it for him yesterday, at Mission San Jose, when I realized it would've been his birthday.

(I was checking my Statcounter & realized someone hit my blog with a search of his name & birthday. We don't know each other, but know that he is thought of here in Texas too.)

I'm updating this now that I've thought to go back to Statcounter and check the Google search. It occurs to me that I know next to nothing about Adam, & only learned of him because of that e-mail. Somehow, though, when you search for him my blog is something like the fourth or fifth link. This is the first, and this is either the second or third. The internet works in strange ways. There are just some really, really amazing people out there in this world, and we'll never know most of them. Looks as if Adam was one of them.

May the Lord protect the rest of his family still in harm's way.

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