Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Radio Silence

Private William Long was killed Monday, by a homegrown terrorist who apparently said he (Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammed) was mad at the US military and that his religion disagreed with our military's actions. (Note that the worldwide Anglican communion is also officially against the war in Iraq, but we're not going around capping people.)

Give Arkansas credit, Muhammed is not just facing murder charges, but also 16 counts of committing a terrorist act.

So there seems little doubt that he's a terrorist. An Islamic extremist, one might say.

The blogosphere has been awash in discussion of this. Talk radio, not so much.

Now, I expect the MSM to ignore this story in favor of the Scott Roeder/George Tiller drama. Nothing quite warms the cockles of the Left's collective heart than a Christian whacking a baby-killer abortionist women's health doctor. (And I do hope Roeder gets nailed to the wall, as he well deserves.) They'll ignore a Muslim committing acts of terror all day long when they have what they consider a juicier story.

But I haven't heard anything from talk radio. I hesitate to say that it hasn't been talked about. But if it has, it's not much. (And if you've heard about it, please drop a comment & let me know!) I expected this to be all Rush and Sean and Glenn are talking about. Hell, I listened to Joe Pags today--ALL of his show--just to see if he'd mention it, and he didn't. And I don't like Pags.

What the hell? Am I not listening to the right people? Or is talk radio letting this story be buried? And if they are, then why the hell are we supporting them?


Steve said...

Hey Sabra,

I think maybe you missed it. It wasn't an all day topic, but it was discussed on Beck, Rush, and the local guy in Boston, Howie Carr. Definitely hasn't been ignored by anyone except the state run media.

Sabra said...

I'm actually really glad to hear that. I've been running around all week & been in & out of the car, so I haven't had the opportunity to listen to anyone's show in its entirety.