Monday, January 12, 2009

Liveblogging the first day of Spring Semester

OK, not really.

But I did actually bring my laptop to campus with me, so I could print out my schedule and figure out where I'm supposed to be. I know what classes I have, and in what order, but I didn't bother memorizing the room numbers ere now.

There was only a tiny line at the business office, so I stopped there for a Via semester pass, & picked up a copy of my schedule at the same time. So I don't even need to have my laptop here, but I do.

I sense a bout of Eternal Lands coming on in between English & Math...

(No, I don't use my laptop to take notes. I have a different spiral notebook for each class, and 5 different-colored pens, and I hand write very elaborate notes. This is how I managed to get an A in every class last semester. Except Student Development.)

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