Saturday, December 06, 2008

Things I Have Learned This Semester:

  • In spite of not thinking about math unless I'm actually in math class, I am pretty damned good at it. I'm in a remedial course because I never used it (there's really not a use for Algebra in most of the real world). I wonder about the people in the class who graduated from high school only last year.
  • I could not tell you the political leanings of three of my four professors, and even the openly liberal one is friendly and respectful of my politics. I like that.
  • My list of "Liberals I'd Totally Do" now has two people on it. (No, NOT my professor.)
  • Ethics makes me feel smart again. Immanuel Kant's writings make it painfully obvious he was German.
  • The arguments against concealed carry on campus are getting more and more vapid. According to the editorial in The Ranger, CCoC should not be allowed because (and I am not making this up) it is not an environment conducive to learning. "How can anyone expect a classroom to be run properly with the specter of someone toting a gun hanging in the air?" (Source, but you have to scroll down to the third one.)
  • I am such a nerd that I am voluntarily writing an essay on tax policy for my English class. This is not my research paper. My research paper is an argument in favor of allowing concealed carry on campus. Which my English professor supports.
  • Ranking professors verges on the idiotic. If I'd answered the evaluation form correctly on Friday, I'd have had to say that I learned nothing from the class. This isn't a knock against the professor, but against the course itself. I actually paid attention in high school. Students in my Ethics class complained that the teacher is hard, even though reviews had said he was a good teacher. Good does not connote easy, for the record.
  • School lunches are not any better in college. Whoever conceived of the idea of putting frozen mixed vegetables into General Tso's chicken should be dragged out and shot.
  • Modern socialists have no real clue about Marx's theories. Marx, for the record, thought the Russian revolutionaries were idiots.
  • National Guard recruiters really are still using the "one weekend a month, two weekends a year" line. On the one hand, it's deceptive. On the other hand, if anyone's dumb enough to believe it...
  • I attend college with at least one person who believes MTV is responsible for the downfall of American culture/society. I'm not certain he's wrong.
  • Math is required for Anatomy/Physiology. I'm not sure how it applies, as I can't take it yet.
  • Unless I kill several of my classmates, I ought to have an A in every course. Even then, as long as I get arrested after the finals, I should be okay. (No, I have no plans to follow through on that musing.)
  • My Ethics professor was engaging enough--as was the coursework--that I eventually was able to tune out his verbal tics. However, at odd times I'd still find myself questioning the apparent lack of body hair (full head of hair, full beard/moustache, no chest or arm hair). I have a habit of fixating on bizarre things like that. Still, I <3>
'Tis all for now. Hopefully I will be amusing soon.


TBeck said...

Years ago a co-worker was working on her BS in Accounting (how ironic is that combination post-Enron?). She was complaining about having to take Algebra. When would she ever use it again?

I commented that I used algebra almost every time I wrote an Excel spreadsheet. Knowing where to put all of the parentheses in saved a lot of time from using the wizard.

So, if you ever plan to practice Accounting (it's like medicine, you don't do it, you practice it), you'll be glad you spent the skull-sweat to learn algebra. Otherwise, not so much.

Sabra said...

Hmm, I should go make a spreadsheet and see if it's any easier now...