Saturday, November 08, 2008

You can't blame this one on us.

Proposition 8, that is.

Now, I've made no secret of my feelings on gay marriage. Misery loves company...They can't possibly screw it up any more than we have...Pick your platitude.

And, as someone has already said, What the hell makes us think we get to vote on someone else's civil rights? Scary thought.

Alas, Proposition 8 passed in California on election night, or at least seems to have (52% to 47%, with ballots left to be counted that no one thinks will change the result).

This is what the maps look like (this is from the election results page maintained by CA's Secretary of State):

Presidential Result:

Proposition 8 Result:

Now, I am not going to be so disingenuous as to say that I don't realize a whole lot of the yellow McCain counties turn into green Yes on Prop 8 counties. But let's be real here. Lots of the Obama counties stay green.

And Obama beat McCain by a 23.7% margin. Sixty-one percent of California voters went for Obama. Only 47.7% voted "no" on Prop 8. That means there were a lot of Democrats out there voting to take away marriage rights.

I thought we were the intolerant ones?


TBeck said...

Rueben Navarrette blamed the passage on hispanics voting for Barry but still rabidly homophobic. Another political pundit attributed passage to blacks who also don't like gays.

It appears that some minorities are more equal than others even in Kalifornia. I've long thought that the Libertarian party was the natural home of the GLBT demographic. Align yourself with people who honestly don't care what you do with your plumbing.

And the next time an anti-immigration bill referendum comes up...paybacks are hell folks.

Dave said...

I have never understood how two people of the same sex being married has any impact on married male-female couples. And most people opposed to same sex marriage will give some excuse such as they already have legal rights as cohabitants.

I say, if you can find a church (or a justice of the peace, ship captain or whatever) who will do the marriage, why the heck is it any of my business or anyone else's?

Most of my Republican friends share the same view, though admittedly, not all.

JD said...

And now the reactions over Prop 8 will do more harm than good for these folks. Personally I was for it then got over it and now don't care what you do in your own home as long as I don't need to see it ya know?

The radical reaction will cause more people to vote against gay marriage as thins move forward in other states.

You would think we had more important issues to deal with like the ECONOMY but I guess not. . . .